Okay, so I need to have this fully planned out before I do anything. This is dangerous territory that i'm entering here. So the reasons for Katherine suicide are as as follows:

  • Leonard's dead
  • Winston and Gwen are at Hogwarts most of the time now
  • She's Lonely
  • She sees no reason to continue on
  • She thinks she'll see Leonard again

So over all the main reason is that she feels like no one cares about her anymore. Katherine feels that if she kills herself the pain will end and she'll be in Leonard's arms once more. Alright here goes nothing.

The Note

There's no point in me continuing on anymore. The love of my life is dead, my two children are growing farther apart from me and no one cares about me anymore. If I go through with this, I will see my husband again. Winston's almost a man he can take care of his little sister if my sister doesn't come to rescue which i'm almost positive she will. There is no point for me continuing on. My existence means absolutely nothing anymore, Winston is basically Gwen's guardian and his own. My husband is dead, my sister doesn't even know I live in England again. There's no reason that I should have to continue on anymore, every reason that I would have to live is covered by somebody else.

My possessions will be split up as follows: Winston will inherit the house when he comes of age. My fiances will be split in half and put in trust accounts for Winston and Gwen. My sister will take everything else that I haven't already given to my children.

Good bye cruel and evil world, goodbye my ever growing babies. Good bye to my lovely sister, I will soon be in Leonard's arms once again. I love you all and I will see you when you all cross that bridge

Katherine Wolf's Sig