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Character Name Current Crushes Past Crushes Potential Crushes
John Roger None at the Moment He's had none Honey Stevenson:
She's one of his two friends and is the one he's closest too.
Owen Connor Lillian Ayers:
Owen likes Lili a lot. He determined that much at the ball.
None None
Winston Wolf Melody Padmore:
He finally realized that after they danced together in the Dance Hall
Sapphire Allen:
His best friend and Yule Ball date. However the Yule Ball made him realize that they were just best friends. Nothing more.
He's crushing pretty hard right now...
Madan Atherton Kielo Lehti:
He loved her for a time, but as time went on and the spark faded, it became a platonic love
None None
Kedric Woodhouse Emily Hayden:
Kedric loves Emily. She's the only person who upon finding about his past didn't run away or flinch.
None None
Sara Atherton None A boy back in her fifth year None
Francis Matthews Mia Anderson:
His Fianceé. He loves Mia with all his heart.
Several girls back in Hogwarts Mia Anderson:
The dude's engaged
Cameron Holt None A few boys back in her Hogwarts Years None

Character Name Current Relationship Past Relationships Potential Relationships
John Roger None None None
Owen Connor None None Lillian Ayers:
He cares about her, but in different way from Lena, Twyla, Malia and Lisbeth.
Winston Wolf Melody Padmore:
Winston's head over heels. He thought he found love with Sapphire but this... this is different.
He hasn't had an official relationship yet
Madan Atherton None Kielo Lehti:
He thought he loved her with all his heart... but the spark faded and he loves her as a friend now.
Kedric Woodhouse None Alessandra D'Martin:
Back when Kedric was Javaad's apprentice, he told him to find a girlfriend and convert her. Alessa became his target. But she called it off after he got expelled.
Emily Hayden:
Emily's the only girl that's given him a second chance, even a third or fourth. Now matter how many times he screwed up she's been there.
Sara Atherton None None None
Francis Matthews Mia Anderson:
He loves her with all his heart. After all he proposed didn't her?
A couple girls back in Hogwarts Mia Anderson:
Again the whole engagement thing?
Cameron Holt None A couple boys back in Hogwarts None

Character Name First Crush First Relationship First Love
John Roger None None None
Owen Connor None None None
Winston Wolf Sapphire Allen:
His first crush was his best friend. He asked her to the Yule Ball but realized they were just friends.
None None
Madan Atherton Kielo Lehti Kielo Lehti Kielo Lehti
Kedric Woodhouse None His first actual girlfriend was some girl that he dated when he was 14 just to say he did. Emily Hayden: He loved Emily. She's given him second, even third chances. He knows he doesn't deserve her, but he can't help but loving her.
Sara Atherton Some boy in her fifth year. None None
Francis Matthews Some girl in his third year. Same girl in his fourth year. Mia Anderson: He loves Mia more than you'll ever know.
Cameron Holt A Gryffindor Boy in her Second Year Same Boy in her fourth year

Character Name First Kiss Virginity
John Roger None None
Owen Connor None None
Winston Wolf Melody Padmore:
It was more of an accident than anything else. He kinda fell onto her and the angles were just so...
Madan Atherton Some Latina girl when he was like 10. None
Kedric Woodhouse He dated some chick when he was 14 just to say he did His Step-Mom...
Sara Atherton None None
Francis Matthews Some girl in his third year. None
Jed Hamilton Some girl in his third year. His girlfriend when he was 17
Cameron Holt Her Boyfriend in Fourth Year Her Boyfriend after Graduation