Hello! This page is for me to keep track of my character's current model and they're future ones.

00:09, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

Character Name Current Model Next Model
John Roger
Drew Shugart 1
Drew Shugart
Need to find one for Fifth Year
Owen Connor
Zach Callsion 5
Zach Callison
Booboo Stewart 1
Booboo Stewart
To be used Seventh-Year
Winston Wolf
Matthew Josten 3
Matthew Josten
Chris Young 1
Chris Young
To be used Post-Hogwarts
Madan Atherton
Ryan Guzman 1
Ryan Guzman
I'm good for a little while
Kedric Woodhouse
Hunter Hayes
Hunter Hayes
I think I'm good for a while
Sara Atherton
Alejandra Guilmant 3
Alejandra Guilmant
I think I'm good for a while
Francis Matthews
Chace Crawford 7
Chace Crawford
I'm good for awhile yet :P
Dakota Willard
Scotty 2
Scotty McCreery
I'm good a for a couple more years
Harold Colombo
Jake Gyllenhaal 6
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake's like 30... Harold's 22. I've got a long time :P
Cameron Holt
Sarah Drew 2
Sarah Drew
I've got a long time left on Sarah