The Daily Prophet Has Returned!
Hopefully for the last time!

Help Needed!

So the Prophet has returned! And we're looking for help!

Several users have volunteered to help get this project off the ground, but we can't do it alone! We need characters and users that are willing to help get this up and moving once more. I have a list of the current users and what articles they're doing down below. Please post a comment in you want to help!

OOC Info

So the current plan looks a little something like this:

  • The Prophet will be put out every two weeks OOC
  • The Editor-In-Chief will be Silena Bennett
  • I, Carnarvan will be assisting with the OOC details
  • CattyTheOrchid16 will be doing the coding


So this is very open-ended. If you want to help or have a character that could be a journalist but don't have any article ideas... the Harry Potter Wiki has a full list of the canon articles. But feel free to come up with a new one!

Current Articles

  • Feature Article - CattyTheOrchid16
  • Gossip Column - CattyTheOrchid16
  • Q&A - JustChase
  • Fashion - JustChase
  • Normal Lives - JustChase
  • Students Section - YorkieWolf