Disclaimer:This is not a personal attack towards anybody.

The Problem

Now with that said I'm going to be blunt, because as you all know... I don't beat around the bush. The dynamic known as 'the CHBs' is causing me concern for multiple reasons which I'm going to outline.

1. They use swords on Hogwarts ground
This really shouldn't be a thing. I have seen multiple instances in which swords or staffs have been used. These kids are 16. They shouldn't be dueling in Hogwarts, or any place really.

2. They own a house
They are minors. Legally they cannot own a house. Heck, they can't even live by themselves. They need adult supervision. I don't care how it was justified, it shouldn't be happening.

3. This is the big one. The Camp Half-Bloods are inspired from another book series.
I hate to bring up old issues but in this case I must. It was determined a couple months book and characters inspired from other places shouldn't be a thing. It seems the Camp Half-Bloods slipped through the cracks in the rock.

I'd also like to clarify since I think this would be brought up: This is not personally motivated. I do not want to shut down another dynamic because I can't have mine.

My Proposed Solution

As is the case with all problems, there is a solution and we as a wiki need to find. Here is my proposed solution. We put it to a vote, where all members of the wiki can participate. Yay for the Camp Half-Bloods, or nay the dynamic should be dissolved.

Those are my thoughts. Thank you for your time.