Karith and Winston

Karith: He'd enter, looking around carefully, then sit down silently across from Winston

Winston: He looks up when Karith sits across from him. "Err... hi. You must be the ministerial bodyguard? Karith Black?"

Karith: He'd nod.

Winston: He clears his throat. "So I'm interested in becoming a ministerial bodyguard. How exactly do I go about getting that position? I know I apply through the Auror Office,"

Karith: He'd nod, his words curt. "Basically you'll go through the tests and interviews like the rest to become an auror. You'll become a Support Auror for a while, generally about six months, for experience. Then if you still want to move to the bodyguard detail, you'll be assessed and given a through background check, mental check...all the fun stuff before being accepted."

Winston: He nodded, "What does a bodyguard even do on a daily basis? Obviously the overall mission to protect the minister, but what does the day to day work look like?"

Karith: He'd nod. "It depends. Part of it seems like secretary work, finding out when the Minster will be places and making sure security's arranged. When he'll just be at the Office sometimes you don't do much, just making sure his appointments are who they say they are and expected. Responding if anything out of the ordinary happens. Sitting in on meetings as a precaution. Sometimes if the Aurors are short-handed or need your specific talents you'll still help them. Occasionally when there's no need to be in the Office, I'll go hit up the underground and see if there's any rumors related to the Minister. Rarely other things come up that are a threat and need to be taken care of. It's mostly boring, which is the goal, punctuated by occasional bursts of activity."

Winston: "What would you recommend doing in order to strengthen my application?"

Karith: Pass the Auror Subject N.E.W.Ts, have some dueling experience if possible. Work on some sort of specialty or something unique that not everyone could offer."

Winston: "I'm taking all the Auror Subjects already," he says. "Plus Healing. Would that be a good specialty?"

Karith: He'd think about it, then nod. "It couldn't hurt. Battlefield medic is never a bad roll to fill."

Winston: He nodded, "I'll try to get some dueling experience somehow..." he says. "Is there anything else I should know?"

Karith: He'd consider the question for a few moments, then shake his head. "I think that's about it."

Winston: He nodded and gets to his feet, "I should head back to the castle. It was nice meeting you," he says extending his hand out

Karith: He'd stand, give it a curt shake, then head out also.